Teaching is without doubt the most important profession; without teaching there would be no other professions. It is also the most rewarding. What role in society can be more crucial than that which shapes children's lives and prepares them for adulthood?

Teaching is the profession that makes a real difference. Education is at the top of the Government's agenda

The Government has put teachers at the heart of the drive to raise standards across the education system and new teachers in particular will play a crucial role in the improvement process.

The country's economic and cultural future depends on high academic standards being achieved in our schools. The realisation that teachers make this happen is now widely recognised. That recognition depends on high standards within the profession.

Good academic qualifications are a prerequisite for teachers. But teaching also demands a high level of personal and management skills. In the classroom, teachers can, through their knowledge, creativity, energy and enthusiasm, inspire their pupils to go on to achieve. Their communication skills, and ability to motivate pupils from a wide variety of backgrounds and abilities, will play a vital part in this.

Today's teacher training is designed to develop and enhance these qualities, building on the academic and practical skills so important for disciplined and effective teaching. Teaching as a profession has much to offer - constant intellectual challenges and stimulation, good career prospects and, above all, the opportunity to make a difference.

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