Who We Are?
Majestix Training and Consulting Ltd is an independent educational and management consulting firm, registered in England, serving clients in Europe, Middle East and Far East. We provide a broad range of general teachers' educational and management skills and experiences to a variety of governmental and independent organisations.

How we Work?


Step 1 - Your enquiry. To make an initial enquiry please telephone our Marketing Department on 0161 945 4411

Step 2 - Understanding your needs. Our staff are trained to discuss your requirements and help clarify if necessary. You will be asked a series of questions which will enable them to agree with you the appropriate course of action. If requirements are sufficiently clearly defined a proposal will be prepared or a briefing meeting may be recommended.

Step 3 - A briefing meeting. One of our experienced tutor team will contact you and arrange a convenient time to meet to discuss your training requirements in more depth. This is a complimentary meeting and involves no charge to yourself.

Step 4 - Proposal. Our tutor will prepare the proposal to address the specific needs that you have identified.

Step 5 - Preparatory work. Any necessary programme development work will be completed to ensure that the training will be of immediate relevance in the workplace. Using real life scenarios, we deliver training that has real impact.

Step 6 - Deliver the training. The training will be delivered at a time and location convenient to yourselves, or alternatively the programme could be delivered at our own training centre.

Step 7 - Review. By responding carefully to to your needs and objectives, together with thorough evaluation before, during and after delivery, we are able to ensure most effective transfer of learning to the workplace. All candidates are required to complete course evaluation forms, which give Woodland Grange an opportunity to review with yourselves any issues raised.

Step 8 - Partnership formed.

Customised Training Solutions

If you can not come to England, one of our trainers can lead a workshop in your country. Contact Dr. Farhat, Business Development: info@majestixtraining.co.uk to discuss your needs.

If you and your group want a special course, contact us. We can design and deliver a course to your exact specification at any time of year.

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If you or your organization are looking for international training solutions, contact MTC Sales at sales@majestixtraining.co.uk

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